The perfect scent for every type of man: the road to success!

In the maze of scents, every man searches for that one unique perfume that touches the core of his soul. No more your dad's aftershave or a scent reminiscent of the locker room from your high school career. Done with the standard. Ready for a perfume that is completely YOU! Because your scent should be as unique as your personality. Scent-sational!

Enter French Biscotos : a French fragrance brand that develops specific perfumes for every type of gentleman. So gents, buckle up and prepare for an adventurous, aromatic journey into their fragrant world. Your signature scent is waiting for you!

Looostermans - French Biscotos perfumes

About French Biscotos

French Biscotos is a French brand and family business, founded in 2021. Their fragrances come from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. Building on the expertise of the previous generation with their own home fragrances company and more than 25 years of experience and the talent of perfumer Serge de Oliveira, they developed 6 original scents that complement each other into a complete collection. They pay extra attention to the quality of the ingredients and use a high fragrance concentration (10 to 12%). This way the scent remains on the skin for a long time and only slowly dissipates throughout the day.

French Biscotos is a state of mind and is about fun, simplicity and the beautiful moments in life.

Each fragrance has its own character, soul and look. Made with a specific type of man in mind. Which type of man do you most recognize yourself in?

Loup de mer - Sea Wolf

Looostermans - French Biscotos - Loup de mer

Sea Wolf is an adventurer from a bygone era, who crosses the oceans in worn-out clothes that smell of seawater. Every now and then he sets foot on land for an overnight stay filled with the mixed scent of rum and blond tobacco. It is not unusual to see him leaning on the bar, enveloped in the smoke of the cigar he is quietly enjoying.

This perfume was created for the self-made man with experience, refined and peaceful.

A stronger scent reminiscent of mild tobacco, rum and Cuba and notes of honey and herbs.

Loup solitaire - Lone Wolf

Looostermans - French Biscotos - Loup solitaire

The Lone Wolf adapts to the harshest environments and tirelessly roams dangerous paths deep in the forest. In its wake, an animalic and woody scent enhanced by intense vetiver, revealing its wild character. But when you catch his eye, you'll see that he knows how to be tender.

Made for the sensitive, introverted man who loves nature above all.

A fresh scent reminiscent of fresh green. A bit wild with notes of angelica root, coriander seeds, moss and patchouli.

Garde du Corps - Bodyguard

Looostermans - French Biscotos - Garde du corps

The Bodyguard is a master of discretion, but the aromatic smell of fresh herbs gives him away. Followed by a trail of benjoint and dark wood and with a mysterious look that both seduces and intimidates. Its strong muscles and protective aura radiate a spicy wild scent of cumin and cinnamon, tamed by a woody amber accord. Ready to strike.

Made for the humble, loyal man who always trusts his instincts.

A stronger scent with the key words spicy, charming and pleasant with notes of cinnamon, tonka bean and ylang.

Maître Nageur - Lifeguard

Looostermans - French Biscotos - Maître Nageur

The Lifeguard breathes sea salt and suntan lotion. His golden skin exudes a maritime atmosphere that reminds us that he is always on the lookout for us. Ready to brave the dangers of the ocean with an intoxicating scent of gray amber in its wake.

Made for the curious, passionate man who sees freedom as the highest good.

A fresh scent reminiscent of iodized salt and the sea coast with hints of orange blossom and gray amber.

Dur à cuir - Though Guy

Looostermans - French Biscotos - Dur à cuire

The Though Guy leaves nothing to chance. He shows strength that he can easily use in any situation. Its fragrance opens with a spicy note. Leather jacket on the shoulders, with a natural scent that combines the elegance of a sultry wood accord with the daring of incense. He stands out, virile, free and without compromises.

Made for the confident, honest, mysterious man who dares to take risks.

A stronger scent reminiscent of leather, incense and saffron with notes of patchouli and pink peppercorns.

Beau Bébé - Beautiful Boy

Looostermans - French Biscotos - Beau bébé

The Beautiful Boy makes an impeccable impression, with his hair neatly styled. Muscular under his perfectly ironed shirt with a delicate scent of a refreshing Cologne, a subtle mix of citrus and fern. Moss and tonka bean notes, on the other hand, remind us that there is a raw natural power beneath its enchanting face.

Made for the proactive, social man who lives life to 200%.

A fresh scent with the key words vintage and polite with notes of citrus fruit, patchouli, vetiver and tonka bean.

In short, there is a perfect scent for every type of man. Because guys, remember: life is too short to smell mediocre. So let your scent match your style and personality as much as a tailor-made suit and give your arsenal of scents a well-deserved upgrade with our curated selection of perfumes . So you can smell like a million bucks. Cheers!