Oakywood - headphone stand + wireless charger - 2in1 - Walnut

The 2in1 headphone stand functions as both a storage solution for your headphones and a wireless charger. The wide, black-lacquered steel handle lets you hang any pair of headphones securely, while the geometric wooden base lets you effortlessly charge your phone.
The combination of a sturdy headphone stand with wireless charging technology streamlines your office design and organizes your most needed accessories.
The built-in holder is compatible with cases up to 4mm thick, allowing you to charge your phone without removing the case.
Equipped with an LED light, our multifunctional headphone stand lets you know that your device is charging.

Oakywood is a Polish brand created out of love for wood and technology. We work tirelessly to find ways to help you reinvent your workplace. We create unique wooden accessories and furniture that make organizing your office a breeze, are ergonomic and redefine workplace comfort. Our brand philosophy is based on three core values ​​of quality, sustainability and environmental stewardship, which is why all our products are manufactured using natural, precious materials from responsible and sustainable sources.

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