A-dam - Socks 'Stripes 3-pack'

A-dam's sports socks: the perfect choice for those who exercise and don't take themselves too seriously! These socks are packed in packs of 3 in different colors, so you can experience a new colorful adventure every day. They're so comfortable you'll almost forget you're wearing them (almost). Whether you're running, jumping or just chilling, these socks will keep your feet cozy and your mood high. Let your inner sock lover shine with A-dam!

Are you a fan of beautiful, more special underwear? Then A-dam is perfect for you. Sustainability is crucial to them. That's why they're always thinking about how every little thing can be a lot better, such as choosing only organic or recycled materials, using yarn-dyed fabric or using the flattest stitches on all their underwear. Innovating, creating and improving is second nature to them. And you could say they're quite fiendish about details. What they make should exude character, in the way it is made and in the way it looks and feels.

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