Teneues - Book "Coolness, The Pure Elegance of Freedom"


The pure elegance of freedom

"Coolness" - on the one hand today a buzzword without substance, on the other hand a self-consciously lived, late modern individual attitude and behavioral strategy with rebellious roots against a twisted and unjust world.

But what does the word "cool" actually mean and what does "being cool" mean? How does 'coolness' become tangible? What makes coolness so attractive? Where do the terms come from? How has the case evolved?
What facets do we encounter when we look closer?

teNeues Verlag, which grew out of the family-run printing company founded in 1931 in Krefeld. Publisher teNeues, also based in Düsseldorf since 2021 and with further branches in Munich and New York, is a specialist in the field of high-quality and exclusive photography, travel, nature, architecture, design, lifestyle, culture and art books.

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