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Book - Nineties Spirit 'music caught on camera'


Music Caught on Camera

The most extensive and complete collection of photos of 90s music.

Paul Bergen had all the music stars of the legendary nineties in front of the camera - on stage and backstage. With accompanying lyrics by major music stars from the legendary decade

Paul Bergen is one of the most internationally known music photographers - he has been practicing his calling for more than 30 years. He has had the greats of 90s rock and pop music almost entirely in front of his camera, both in action on stage and intimately backstage. His photo archive is one of the most extensive the music industry worldwide has to offer.

To name just a few of those portrayed: David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Oasis, Pete Doherty, Phil Collins, Prince, Michael Jackson, Motörhead, Genesis, U2, ... Now Paul Bergen presents for the first time this extensive collection of the greats from an entire decade to a large audience in the form of an illustrated book.

The people portrayed also have their say. In short texts, interviews, commentaries, etc., the portraits of an irrevocable decade, which has long since achieved cult status, are brought back to life. Paul Bergen's photo book thus becomes a unique time document that succeeds in encapsulating the attitude to life of an entire generation between two book covers - an attitude to life that has left its mark to this day.

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