Dirk Baelus - Book - "The basics of natural nutrition"


Simple, honest and pure: that is how Dirk Baelus (1979) lives his life. The three keywords also summarize his vision on nutrition. First this ex-cafe owner swore off cigarettes and booze, then he became a top triathlete and discovered the basics
of natural food.

He developed his own sports bars and drinks and started giving cooking workshops. He cooked for Kim Clijsters, Tom Boonen and Saartje Vandendriessche.

In this booklet, Dirk returns to the basics of natural nutrition. He selected 365 top ingredients and 14 basic recipes in which he believes 100 percent and that are feasible for everyone. Don't expect complicated recipes or culinary delights, but food that makes you healthier, more energetic and richer.

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