Dirk Baelus - Book - "Pure Power"


The right nutrition gives you wings and your ideal weight. With easy dishes.

Step into the life of Dirk Baelus, a thirty-two year old triathlete. His specialty is the full triathlon, which involves a 3.8 kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike ride and 42.2 kilometer run. Through his passion for sports he discovered another passion, namely a complete and organic diet. Four years ago that was different. He ran a night café, drank a lot of alcohol, ate unhealthy and smoked. Now he writes about how a healthy diet and lifestyle gives him wings. What's more, he shows that top sport is possible in a completely natural way. He is an inspiration to many.

Learn from his willpower and approach how easy it is to make your life more vital and energetic. Aim for a balanced and super healthy meal that makes your body stronger. In his book you will find simple tips for a healthier diet for everyone. A surprisingly honest book. Taste how simple can be delicious!

This is the very first book written by Dirk Baelus in 2010/2011.

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