Graf von Faber-Castell

Graf von Faber-Castell - Pencil


The Classic collection from Graf von Faber-Castell is fantastically finished in the unusual combination of precious metals and wood.

The fountain pens, rollerballs, mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens from the Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic collection are designed as matching sets. All 4 writing modes are available in red-brown Pernambuco, matte black Ebony, dark brown Grenadille or in a platinum plated version. Pernambucco, normally used in the production of violins, ebony is an extremely hard and durable wood, which is difficult to work with. The natural variations in structure and color mean that every writing instrument is unique.

The mechanical pencil uses 0.7mm pencil leads.

The feeling that a noble fountain pen with a gold nib conveys remains
incomparable. Due to the slim shape and good balance of the Classic
floating pencil and ballpoint pen fit comfortably in the hand. Well designed
mechanisms and robust details, such as the spring-loaded clip made of solid metal,
ensure that the pleasure of using it is as timeless as it is
design. The classic writing implements are available in platinum gold-plated versions
ebony, in pernambuco or in grenadilla wood, each combined with
platinum-plated fittings and a finely ribbed barrel. The natural differences
in grain and color ensure that every writing instrument made from it
becomes unique.

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