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IP Knives - Kitchen Knife - Oki Richlite Ravinia


An Oki is a very thin cutting knife with a razor tip, perfect for delicate slices.

This Belgian, handmade and unique product was expertly made by IP Knives.

The shape of the 23 cm long knife is designed for cutting meat and fish. Of course, vegetables are no challenge for this 2.8 mm thin blade.

Steel: DC 53 high carbon steel
Hardness: 62 HRC
Dimensions: 350x50x3mm

IP Knives - Inperferctly Perfect knives

Perfect knives are made by robots in factories, they are perfect in every way. A legion of designers have used their computers to calculate the ultimate perfect knife. Robots are making thousands of that same blade.


When you buy an iPKnife, you buy a piece from me, Patrick Pevernagie, the creator. I lost sleep over the design, made countless drawings, tried different approaches, just to get it right. I felt the properties of the steel change as it slowly turned into a blade. I gave it a soul. You will keep giving it soul by using it.

My focus is on quality, not quantity.

An iPKnife is made to last a lifetime and even longer. It is something you will be proud to pass on to your children as it has become a part of you. Your use determines its appearance, its scars.

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