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A blurry knife: that was the start of a hobby that has grown into an exclusive collection of kitchen knives. Knife maker Patrick Pevernagie from Antwerp makes a dream come true with IP Knives. Some chefs from Antwerp are already fans and even in New York there is a Chinese restaurant that uses his knives. “Each knife is unique and is just not perfect, because it was made traditionally. That is the beauty of my creations.”

In Japan they have an old philosophy called WABI SABI.

It's about seeing beauty, perfection in things that aren't perfect. The zen garden with perfectly raked pebbles and the imperfect mossy rock that lies in the middle of it. The face of a beautiful person that is not perfectly symmetrical, as it never is.

Patrick is a skilled knife maker based in the
beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium. With a passion for creating knives
of exceptional quality and an in-depth knowledge of his craft
he established himself as a renowned name in the world of knife makers.

When you buy an iP Knife, you buy a piece from me, the maker. I lost sleep over the design, made countless drawings, tried different approaches, just to get it right. I felt the properties of the steel change as it slowly turned into a blade. I gave it a soul. You will continue to give it soul by using it.

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