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IP Knives - Kitchen knife - Shigoto, Wita Andreia edition


The Shigoto is a crumb knife made of 52100 carbon steel. It has a 15cm blade with a 4cm heel. The thickest part of the spine is 2.5mm. The Shigoto is the knife you use when a chef's knife is just too big.

This Belgian, handmade and unique product was expertly made by IP Knives.

Wita Andreia is a very talented artist from Portugal who specializes in Japanese style ink drawings. Working with ink is her way of calming the mind and finding inner peace. As a knife maker, I am honored to be able to use her artwork on my knives. Especially since I know that Wita Andreia is a history scholar specializing in Japan. Our philosophies are a perfect match.

IP Knives - Inperferctly Perfect knives

Perfect knives are made by robots in factories, they are perfect in every way. A legion of designers have used their computers to calculate the ultimate perfect knife. Robots are making thousands of that same blade.


When you buy an iPKnife, you buy a piece from me, Patrick Pevernagie, the creator. I lost sleep over the design, made countless drawings, tried different approaches, just to get it right. I felt the properties of the steel change as it slowly turned into a blade. I gave it a soul. You will keep giving it soul by using it.

My focus is on quality, not quantity.

An iPKnife is made to last a lifetime and even longer. It is something you will be proud to pass on to your children as it has become a part of you. Your use determines its appearance, its scars.

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