John De Wilde Planten

Cactus - "Pachycereus Pringley"


Gentlemen, meet the ultimate addition to your mancave, office or living space! Our Pachycereus Pringley is not just any cactus. It exudes pure masculinity, and is the perfect talking point for your next friends night.

This impressive green giant has been carefully planted in a stone vase pot, which brings in the raw charm of nature with its robust finish and earthy tones. And the best? This cactus doesn't ask for much! A little light, some sporadic watering, and it will last for years as your quiet, fearless companion.

Perfect for the modern man who values ​​style, strength and a touch of adventure!

Leading cultivation and export company in Europe

In addition to our own plant production of approximately 1 000 000 conifers and
With 700,000 azaleas, we have an extensive range of green plants, cacti and succulents, conifers, hedges and trees to flowering plants.

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