Metis Supplements

Metis Sleep 08 - Starter, 40 Capsules


Metis Sleep 08 is an effective sleep supplement that does not cause habituation. It helps you sleep better and wake up less often during the night. Metis sleep 08 helps you fall asleep faster, sleep better and has a calming effect. Completely natural and without addictive effect.

For optimal effect, take 1 capsule in the evening, 30 minutes before going to bed. This formula is suitable for daily use. All Metis formulas have been specially developed to be used together.

Metis Supplements is a premium quality supplement brand
founded by pharmacist Dirk. With environmentally friendly, quality and...
family values, we want to improve the lives of active and ambitious people.
Pharmacist Dirk originally made these supplements for his children because
he couldn't find supplements effective enough to help them
while studying. With some help from his family and a professor, it started
he makes his own quality supplements.

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