Pininfarina - Ballpoint Cambiano Crome


The Pininfarina Cambiano is the result of a collaboration between Napkin 4EVER and Pininfarina. Cambiano is the top model of this series and is inspired by the concept car of the Pininfarina design team.

  • Ethergraf point that always keeps writing
  • Aluminum body, with walnut wood accents
  • Aluminum finish
  • Weight of 55gr
  • The pen that never runs out!
  • Supplied in a beautiful wooden stand

Pininfarina writing instruments are the result of the fruitful collaboration between the iconic design agency. Pininfarina and the Italian NapkinForever.
Pininfarina earned its praises as a design agency for the most mythical designs from Ferrari and Maserati. The company NapkinForever is a stronghold of various product concepts in the Italian market. One of them is the Ethergrave.

The Ethergraf is a silver alloy that dates back to the Renaissance and was used for writing. While a graphite pencil leaves a deposit on the surface of your paper, the silver alloy causes oxidation of the paper itself, deep into the pores. Because graphite only affects the top layer, it is removable. Because the paper itself is awakened when using an ether grave, everything you write down with it is immortalized forever. Another striking difference is that a graphite pencil 'consumes itself' while writing. You can continue to use an ether grave. That is why it is sometimes called 'the perpetual pencil'. The grandmaster Leonardo Da Vinci himself, among others, was a big fan of the ether grave. All his best-known sketches and texts were made with an ether grave pencil. That is why they have been so well preserved to this day.

When NapkinForever wanted to relaunch the ether grave pencil, Pininfarina did not hesitate for a second to assist them with their know-how. The result is a stunning pencil that will never let you down. But above all, an absolute collection of exclusive eye-catchers, each with a strong story, that will give your desk that extra touch.

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