By Mar

By Mar - Postcard 'Happy Birthday'


My name is Marianne Reinders and I choose craftsmanship! In a digital world where mass production is the norm, I make something with my hands. This is how my products gain value.
From being a successful event manager in the sports industry with major projects such as the Olympic Games, the Holland Heineken House and Champions League Finals, I was looking for meaning and content in life. Something that I can put my soul into and that is tangible and lasting. Now everything falls into place. Actually, I already knew it: I am a maker.

My postcards look like me; a bit stubborn and sometimes balancing on the edge, but always with a wink. The standard in the card industry is a luxurious double card, exotic paper and sweet texts or illustrations. I opt for a single postcard: simple design with its own statement. Texts with a face, labeled with humor. Humor puts things into perspective and connects. The texts are catchy at a glance and the cards are affordable. This makes it fun for everyone to send mail again. All this with success!

Everything I make, I do with humor and love. Humor is so incredibly important in this world as a social lubricant. For example, if someone buys a card with the text: 'Mothers are always right', I enjoy it intensely, because then I know that soon a mother will receive this card from her child. I'm glad I was able to contribute to that.


Hearing people laugh is so contagious. The more people laugh, the happier the world. I'm curious what beautiful things I can make for you!

Maybe something for you too?