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PP Rubens - Cigar - Flawless


The cigar brand PP Rubens is more than a hundred years old.

Peter Paul Rubens (Siegen, June 28, 1577 – Antwerp, May 30, 1640) was an Antwerp painter of the Flemish Baroque and diplomat. Rubens received a humanist education in Cologne, and then in Antwerp. He was admitted as a master in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke in 1598. On May 9, 1600 he left for Italy, where he was influenced by the art of antiquity. From 1603 to 1604 he stayed in Spain. He went on a diplomatic mission there. In October 1608 he returned to the Spanish Netherlands and was appointed court painter to the Archdukes Albrecht of Austria and Isabella of Spain in 1609.

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