Fika&Co - Print 'Porche 911 GOLD'


Enrich your space with our poster of the Porsche 911, a symbol of timeless elegance and speed. Order today and let the Porsche 911 shine in all its glory in your own interior.

Limited edition print of up to 50 pieces.
Hand signed and numbered by the artist Javier Peña.

In 2020, Fika & Co. born in Madrid,

with the aim of justifying the need to “stop for a moment and the good

to appreciate things in life". They didn't just want a lifestyle

representation, but also a creative and artistic experience for everyone.

From the start they were clear that they would do it in a sustainable way

wanted to do: they not only want to leave a mark on people, but also a

have an impact on the planet. They think it's important to get closer to zero

carbon emissions, local production and sustainable products to do with

organic and recycled materials of the best quality. Fika &

Co is a Slow Fashion brand that was born with the idea of ​​Javier Peña's

dream, to unite his passions in one concept: art, motor

and fashion. FIKA is a Swedish word "FEE-KAH" meaning "slow down

and appreciate the good things in life" means. The second part

of our name, &Co ., has nothing to do with "and company", but

rather with the fact that they strive to "work together" with

other projects that align with their philosophy, regardless

Discipline. Examples of this are the reforestation projects with (R)

Forest Project, collaborations with other artists such as The Concrete of

artisans such as Oficio Studio and contributions with other brands such as

Porsche, BMW Motorrad, 6to6, Willblanch, etc. through these collaborations

there are always unique pieces in their collection, both in clothing

as for example currently hand signed and numbered Prints of the


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