Sisuman - Cigar scissors

Simple but neatly designed cigar scissors in stainless steel with razor-sharp blades. This cutter works with any normal cigar size and provides a clean and elegant cut. Good for a lifetime, if properly cared for!
Supplied in a pristine matte black box along with a protective leather case with trademarked Sisuman logo stamped.
Easily take your cutting blade with you anywhere in the smooth, protective leather case that comes with your new scissors.
Features and specifications of the cigar scissors:
-Robustly built in stainless steel with razor-sharp blades for a clean cut
-Delivered in a neat matte black gift box together with a black leather protective case with stamped logo
-Material 2.5mm stainless steel
-Size: 11.9 cm x 5.6 cm
-Weight: 52g

Our story started deep in the Finnish forest, where there is a need for good tools to get the job done. Perseverance, courage and strength. It's about taking action against expectations.
The Sisuman brand offers products in the field of cigar accessories.
Sisuman is based in Finland.

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