Sir Redman

Sir Redman x Aarden - Luxury Braces - Respectful Ray Petrol


Do you have a vegan lifestyle and are you looking for accessories, made fair trade without animal suffering? Then these suspenders are for you. The fabric is recycled and 100% vegan and the leather details and loops are made of apple leather. Apple leather is sturdy, circular and animal-friendly and is made from residual waste from apple cultivation.

Aarden has been the Dutch brand for perfectly tailored sustainable and vegan suits since 2012. Customization, because you choose the fabric, color and style that suits you. Aarden strongly believes that you must first ground yourself and listen to your heart before deciding what to buy. This way you are much more likely to choose honest and sustainable clothing that contributes to your happiness and a sustainable earth.

Width: 3.5 cm
Length: approx. 130 cm (incl. loops)
Clips: 3, with apple leather loops
Material: animal free, cotton, recycled by Enschede Textielstad
Color: petroleum blue

Sir Redman is 'a man of style'. Born in 2019 and raised in Budel. As a member of the Rooymans Neckwear family, he grew up with an innate sense of style, quality and craftsmanship. And that is reflected in everything we do. In high-quality materials, quirky designs and unique collections. Sir Redman's suspenders are made in-house. The fabrics of our other high-quality accessories are woven and produced in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. By suppliers who value quality just as highly as we do. Because we want the best, always and everywhere.

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