Sir Redman

Sir Redman - Bowknot Soft Touch - Copper


Add some class and style with this charming Sir Redman bow tie. This is a pre-tied model with an adjustable strap for extra ease of use. Because comfort and style can go perfectly hand in hand.

Material: soft touch cotton
Dimensions: 12 x 6 cm
Colour: copper

Sir Redman is 'a man of style'. Born in 2019 and raised in Budel. As a member of the Rooymans Neckwear family, he grew up with an innate sense of style, quality and craftsmanship. And that is reflected in everything we do. In high-quality materials, quirky designs and unique collections. Sir Redman's suspenders are made in-house. The fabrics of our other high-quality accessories are woven and produced in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. By suppliers who value quality just as highly as we do. Because we want the best, always and everywhere.

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