Mucros Weavers

Mucros Weavers - Scarf 'Soft Donegal SD10'

Perhaps our softest scarf yet! Mucros Weavers scarves pay tribute to timeless designs and are proudly woven in picturesque Killarney. Each scarf is steeped in the heritage of Irish craftsmanship, offering unparalleled softness and warmth. With a Mucros Weavers scarf around your neck, you embrace not only comfort, but also a piece of Irish tradition and elegance. Choose the ultimate combination of style and coziness with these beautiful scarves.

Mucros Weavers are located in Muckross House, Killarney, Ireland, the focal point for visitors to Killarney National Park.

They weave scarves using only the finest quality yarns on Hattersly looms that are almost 200 years old. Because all their scarves are individually woven, they have a selvedge on each side, ensuring they last a long time and give each scarf its high-quality finish. All the colorful products are made from high-quality yarns such as wool, mohair and alpaca.

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