18.21 ManMade

18.21 ManMade - Hair Spray

If you're looking for a natural, long-lasting finishing spray to style thick, thin, wavy or straight hair, look no further than this universal hair spray. It's paraben-free and comes in a masculine aroma influenced by sweet Virginia tobacco and the roaring spirit of prohibition-era speakeasies.

With our premium matte hairspray you can create a variety of looks that will last beyond your daily activities and lifestyle. Lightweight yet resilient, it provides texture while controlling and maintaining hairstyles. Frizz and flyaways will be a thing of the past. The mist provides even, weightless management that protects against moisture without leaving a wet or overly shiny appearance.

Our flexible yet strong hold hairspray for men is perfect for all types of hair, long or short, curly or straight. It works well on fine, thin hair and is great for creating a variety of looks and styles.

This spray is best suited for setting and maintaining all-day styles. With high-quality ingredients in a water-soluble mixture, our hairspray sets quickly and controls frizz and flyaways, without making your hair crunchy.

This high-density finishing mist creates a smooth texture and weightless coverage that leaves a natural, satin shine. After everything is set, your hair will still be brushable and soft to the touch.

Our paraben-free, layered hairspray prevents hair from losing structure due to humidity and prevents damage associated with dry climates and duress. The non-greasy finish prevents unwanted residue and is easy to rinse.

Like a variety of our other sweet tobacco care products, our hairspray uses high-quality oils that create an aroma with scents of dark-hued vanilla, manuka honey, sweet tobacco and exotic woods.

Our hairspray is professional quality and can be used in hair and beauty salons, barber shops and boutiques.

hold hairspray 6-9 inches from your hair. Spray the entire surface. If necessary, you can apply more layers to add grip to your style. Maintain the recommended distance from your hair to avoid a wet or shiny finish.

Many guys don't think about treating themselves. Looks like it's up to you. Introduce dad, best bud or birthday boy or girl to products they will never return from. Have you graduated? Some would consider Man Made a rite of passage. We'll leave it up to you, but we bet they'll enjoy every last ounce.

From man to brand
The story of 18.21 Man Made starts with hairdressing guru Angel del Solar. At the age of 15, he was already standing with scissors in hand at the famous Peluquerias Romero in his native Spain. As an International Educator for the leading Pivot Point, he trained teachers in Spain, Russia, Portugal and Argentina, then moved to Seattle. Here he became a member of the Gene Juarez Artistic Team and owner of three Angelo Mendi Salons.

American Dream
Angel's career is a series of successes. In the US, he was named 'The Best in Youth' in the hairdressing industry by American Salon Magazine. He styled many Hollywood stars, including at the Oscar and Emmy awards, and was a stylist for more than fifty major magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle. Angel was also a key team member for the PureOlogy / L'Oreal Artistic Team in the US and a driving force behind The Exchange hairstyles for Redken in New York. He was Art Director for FHI Heat, Enjoy Hair Care and HBL Hair Care. His fame in America became even greater due to the many makeovers and fashion shows on TV. A documentary about his exceptional life in America was even broadcast in Spain, as an example of the American Dream.

Different from all other men's brands
After seeing and experiencing everything in the hairdressing profession, Angel came to the conclusion that grooming products for men had become 'everyday' and were similar. Too many products with too little added value. Together with his brother David and partner Aston LaFon, he decided to launch a new brand. Unlike all other brands that have been put on the market before, made for and by men: 18.21 Man Made.

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