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Here it is not just about finding products but about discovering your own personal style. At Looostermans we believe in the power of timeless quality and honest craftsmanship.

Looostermans is no ordinary store. It is a place where you find the freedom to be yourself, to discover something that makes you unique. Stylish, businesslike or with a wink... we are happy to guide you in finding items that suit you.

Wander through the different corners of our gentleman store and let yourself be carried away by authenticity.

We inspire you with a carefully curated collection of lifestyle products, clothing and accessories from European soil that help you enjoy life. Each item has been selected, with attention to details and durable materials that exude a timeless character


Your visit

In Huis Looostermans everything revolves around the art of experiencing. You come here to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. Time seems to pass more slowly in our café 'De Luizenmarkt', where you can enjoy artisanal coffee, a refreshing pint or our extensive selection of whiskies.

The barber sharpens his knives for you, whether you opt for a classic shave or a trendy haircut.

A meeting place where you can enjoy with friends. Here we believe in the power of experience and perception, where products merge with memories.

Come by and be carried away by the unique experience that Huis Looostermans has to offer. The perfect balance between relaxation, conviviality and quality.

Looostermans, where every visit is an experience.


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Where style, character and personality come together and where you play the leading role.