John De Wilde Planten

Cactus - polaskia Chichipe Branched - approx 65cm


Gentlemen, make way for the king of the urban jungle: the branchy Polaskia Chichipe! With an impressive length of 70 cm, this is not just any cactus. Its graceful branches tell a story of growth, adventure and perseverance.

The Polaskia Chichipe is the ideal companion for the man with a fine taste. Its textured appearance adds an unmistakable touch of elegance to any room. Whether in your home office, living room, or even bedroom, this cactus is a silent guardian of style and character.

Its easy care also makes it perfect for the busy man. It just needs a little love, light and occasional watering. Let yourself be enchanted by the refined power of the Polaskia Chichipe and add a piece of nature that speaks of class and intransigence. For the man who wants to make his environment as fascinating as his life story.

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