18.21 ManMade

18.21 ManMade - Shave Lotion - Spiced Vanilla


Transparent shaving gel for every skin type that your razor glides through smoothly and irritations are prevented!

The 18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide Spiced Vanilla is a shaving gel through which your blade glides smoothly. It is so transparent (no foam!) that you can see exactly what you are shaving away (or not!). And that prevents irritations. No matter what skin you have or what knife you use. The new Shaving Glide from 18.21 Man Made turns the daily shave into a ritual that men are proud of.

Briefly about the 18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide Spiced Vanilla

  • Shaving gel for every skin type.
  • Transparent so you can see what you're shaving.
  • Ensures that irritations are prevented.
  • Packaged in a cool bottle that men can be proud of!

From man to brand
The story of 18.21 Man Made starts with hairdressing guru Angel del Solar. At the age of 15, he was already standing with scissors in hand at the famous Peluquerias Romero in his native Spain. As an International Educator for the leading Pivot Point, he trained teachers in Spain, Russia, Portugal and Argentina, then moved to Seattle. Here he became a member of the Gene Juarez Artistic Team and owner of three Angelo Mendi Salons.

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