A-dam - Boxer shorts 'Falco'


We thrive on a lot of things, but most of all we thrive on making extraordinary boxer shorts for extraordinary people.

Since our beginnings in 2014, our family has grown into a small clan of talented individuals with a shared love of all things quirky, including our socks and boxer shorts. We are ambitious yet down to earth, serious with a childlike curiosity. We spend most of our days in a somewhat hidden office in the A'dam Hout Havens on the west side of the city, right next to our own warehouse. Although our clothing is produced all over the world, all our ideas are conceived and created in Amsterdam.

Are you a fan of beautiful, more special ones?
boxer shorts. Then A-dam is perfect for you. Sustainability is crucial for all
our clothing, as well as the boxer shorts. That's why we're always working on
how every little thing can be a lot better, such as only choosing organic
or recycled materials, using yarn-dyed fabric or applying
of the flattest stitches on all our underwear.

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