Fika&Co - Socks 'Motorbike'

Discover the beautiful socks from Fika&Co, handmade in Spain. Each pair features a unique illustration, The Art & The Artis, which is the perfect fusion of art and craft. These socks are not only stylish, but also a celebration of creativity and traditional craftsmanship. Experience the unique charm of Fika&Co's socks and wear art on your feet.

Take a moment and appreciate the good things in life!

We are aSlow Fashion brandfrom Madrid that was born in the privacy of 2020 with the idea of ​​fulfilling Javier Peña's dream of uniting his passions in one concept: art, motorcycle and fashion.

The historic moment was decisive in finding the perfect name for our brand and our lifestyle: FIKA (this is a Swedish word "FEE-KAH" which means "slow down and appreciate the good things in life").

After the first two years of filming and growing, Adriana Serna joined the brand as part of management to further grow.

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