Sisuman - Ashtray 'cigars'


Enjoy the perfect solo cigar moment with our Single Cigar Ashtray.
A clean, robust and simple aluminum ashtray, specially designed for a single cigar. This versatile ashtray has two different sides to suit your preferences.
One side provides a longer resting place for the cigar but a smaller container, while the other side offers a shorter resting place but a larger container for the ash.
Features and specifications of the cigar ashtray:
-Simple but sleek design
-Two-sided model
-2 different ashtrays in one
-Robustly built in aluminum
-Small and portable for a single cigar (Dimensions: 48mm x 140mm x 32mm) -- ----Material: Aluminum
-Weight: 300g

Our story started deep in the Finnish forest, where there is a need for good tools to get the job done. Perseverance, courage and strength. It's about taking action against expectations.
The Sisuman brand offers products in the field of cigar accessories.
Sisuman is based in Finland.

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