A-dam - Boxer shorts 'Banana-Rama'


A-dam thrives on a lot of things, but most of all on making extraordinary boxer shorts for extraordinary people.

The A-dam boxer shorts are made from the purest GOTS certified cotton, mixed with the right amount of elastane for flexibility. They always have that little bit of extra character.

- strong, yet soft waistband
- premium front label
- free of itchy threads or seams
- a perfect fit
- fabric dyed in the yarn

Since their beginnings in 2014, the A-dam family has grown into a small clan of talented individuals with a shared love for all things quirky. They are ambitious yet down to earth, serious with a childlike curiosity. They spend most of their days in a somewhat hidden office in the A'dam Hout Havens on the west side of the city, right next to their own warehouse. All ideas are conceived and created in Amsterdam.

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