Herman Headwear

Herman Headwear - Flat Cap - Patton

Flat cap Patton is made from the fabric 'Harris Tweed', a fabric that is made exclusively on the Scottish islands of Harris, Lewis, Uist and Barra. With its typical tartan, this flat cap has a high country side feel. Classy and timeless.

Herman Headwear has been a Belgian and international reference in hats and accessories since 1874. The love for hats has been passed on from father to son for more than a hundred years.

Available sizes: 55 - 57 - 59 - 61. These sizes correspond to the circumference of your head in centimeters.
Composition: Harris Tweed
Country of production: Italy
Maintenance: Hand wash recommended

Justin Herman meets a friendly businessman who tells him to take care
to sell. Unfortunately, according to his theory, the railroad will be the end of it
craft drawing, people will no longer have to cover their heads if they
move.On the contrary, Justin sees it as a formidable vector of expansion
for this kind of products, the world will shrink thanks to this new way of
moving forward, new markets will be present, he says. Tired, the
Old man doesn't believe it anymore but without knowing it, he just got it
holy fire passed on to Justin Herman.It has been decided, Justin will be a
To be a hatter. After arriving in Vienna he was tempted
to immediately return to Belgium to start this new profession.
However, he said he could take advantage of his trip to explore the different
facets of this profession in this disparate Europe
understand.It wasn't until three years later that Justin returned to his small village in the
Ardennes. He must have used these three years not to go around Europe,
but all over the world. In addition to the major European capitals where he
was inspired by the elegance of high society, brought this journey
him to the east coast of the United States where cities such as Boston and New York
their legends built.It was from there that a large part of the models of
his first collection was inspired by the different styles of
headwear that every craft, every community proudly sports. The caps of the
Irish dockers, the skinned underworld bandits, the elegant caps of
the rich new Yorkers.April 1874, Justin Herman is finally back home. He
thinks his grandfather's advice was his greatest legacy. After
forcing his fate, he now went to build his legend...

Hand wash recommended

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