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Duopack of premium eco-friendly handkerchiefs, handmade in Belgium. Leuven design.

In the search for a classic fabric handkerchief with an inspiring design and ultimate user comfort, five Belgian friends only found handkerchiefs from grandfather's time. So they decided to design the best handkerchief in the world themselves. Check out Huff & Puff's collection of handmade handkerchiefs.

Bless you!

Handkerchief dimensions: 30x30cm (Set of 2)

It all started on a ski slope in 2015. Five
friends came to the conclusion that they all prefer a classic,
cloth handkerchief. But none of them had one eitherReal
inspiring design
or found an ultimate comfortable fiber. In the
The shop still had the same handkerchiefs as in grandfather's time. Without
some experience in fashion or textiles, they decided there and then to close the gap
to ride.

After two years of hard work, with many falls and
standing up, we were proud to launch our first collection. We did that with
a crowdfunding website, which was red hot in a few days. We
clocked in at almost double the target starting amount. We were clear
not just on our quest forthe best handkerchief in the world...

Today we can get our handkerchiefs through this one
webshop, and we do our best to meet the demand of dozens of stores
and pop-ups. We are very proud. And we thank you for your interest in
our story. Bless you!

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