La Boite Concept

La Boite Concept - CUBE Speaker - Woody


The immersive plug-and-play speaker and stylish coffee table.

The CUBE high-fidelity speaker is designed and developed to connect to all systems and connections, wireless or not, in both small and large rooms.

This speaker has a natural and immersive sound thanks to the Wide Sound ® Technology. The sound from the rear speakers reflects on a deflector. This creates extensive stereophony, regardless of the position of the speaker in the room, and unprecedented immersive sound and stability.

A high-end piece of furniture that is built to last. Made from sustainable materials from local partners from the Spanish and French Basque Country.

CUBE offers unparalleled ease of installation and an immersive Hi-Fi experience in a compact size. (Total power 200 watts. High-Fidelity Bluetooth. Innovation wide sound 2.0. Reddot design award.)

Dimensions: D35 x W47 x H49cm

The La Boite concept combines traditional hi-fi know-how with the design of ergonomic, "all-in-one" products adapted to new sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Very high quality, innovative and technological products, but whose performance is at the service of a simplified, simple use, adapted to contemporary lifestyles and environments.

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