La Boite Concept

La Boite Concept - LX Record Player - Walnut


A live orchestra in a compact table.

For the unconditional vinyl lovers, La Boite Concept has designed an all-in-one acoustic speaker with integrated designer turntable. This has a sleek and clean minimalist design, with no visible cables or chassis which creates the feeling of a floating vinyl on the top panel. An integrated anti-vibration board with tailor-made shock absorption ensures optimal stability.

A high-end piece of furniture built to last with wood and leather from local partners in the Spanish and French Basque Country. The LX turntable has a remarkable hi-fi, immersive and distortion-free sound thanks to the new Wide Sound 3.0® technology, patented by the CC LAB laboratory.

The La Boite concept combines traditional hi-fi know-how with the design of ergonomic, "all-in-one" products adapted to new sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Very high quality, innovative and technological products, but whose performance is at the service of a simplified, simple use, adapted to contemporary lifestyles and environments.

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