Maxime Tanghe

Maxime Tanghe shoe - Dagan


The Dagan boot is handmade and fitted on an Italian last, made by skilled craftsmen in Italy. The Dagan bottine is made of high-quality dark brown leather and sewn onto the Vibram sole.

This model is inspired by mountain boots and is therefore your dream companion on rough surfaces and harsh weather conditions. It gives a cool finish to your daily look.

Since 1897, Cyriel Tanghe has been setting the tone in Belgium
footwear and fashion world.

Just like the wall painting in Izegem, still proud of the old one
factory wall, professional pride and craftsmanship form the foundations of today
Tanghe shoes.

Also now for the fifth generation Maxime Tanghe (*Mt).

The family history is part of the shoe town's heritage. Just
as in the DNA of*Mt. Discover the roots of the Tanghe family in the city museum
Eperon d'or or walk on it"Cyriel Tangheplein"in the
heart of Izegem, a tribute named after the founder of the company
C. Tanghe & Fils.


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