Maxime Tanghe

Maxime Tanghe - Shoes "Julius - Brown"


The Julius full brogue Oxford is handmade and fitted on an Italian last, made by skilled craftsmen in Italy. The Julius is made of high-quality cognac leather and sewn using the Blake method. It has a completely hand-designed brogue detail.

Full brogue refers to the most graceful version of brogues. The perforations are not applied in a straight line, but in a graceful W-shape on the toe of the shoe.

Classic and timeless elegance in these dress shoes for men. Suitable for all occasions. These shoes are not just any shoes. They are your companions on all your adventures. You talk the talk, now walk the walk.

Since 1897, Cyriel Tanghe has set the tone in the Belgian shoe and fashion world.

Just as the mural in Izegem still proudly adorns the old factory wall, professional pride and craftsmanship form the foundations of Tanghe shoes to this day.

Also now for the fifth generation Maxime Tanghe (*Mt).

The family history is part of the shoe town's heritage. As in the DNA of *Mt. Discover the roots of the Tanghe family in the Eperon d'or city museum or walk around it"Cyriel Tanghe Square"in the heart of Izegem, a tribute named after the founder of the company C.Tanghe & Fils.

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