Maxime Tanghe

Maxime Tanghe - Shoes "Julius - Suede Blu"

The "Julius" full broque oxford is handmade and mounted on an Italian last, crafted by skilled craftsmen in our factory in Italy. The Julius is made of high-quality blue suede leather and sewn onto a flexible rubber outsole. Features a completely hand-designed brogue detail.

The roots of five generations of shoemakers and their own vision of fashion: op
Maxime Tanghe builds these foundations day after day to build a strong shoe brand. Of
passion, craftsmanship and Italian finesse as guiding principles.

At *Mt every detail counts. From the subtle orange accents and the uniqueness
passport to the inspiring quotes. Each *Mt shoe is handmade and
unique. That's why you get a passport with it. This is how you know the master of yours
shoes by name. Because whether it is a classic or sporty shoe:
extraordinary class deserves special attention.

*MT shoes are made in Italy with high-quality materials
and Italian craftsmanship. Every step is carefully carried out by skilled ones
professionals with many years of experience.

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