Mühle - Alumpen

Mühle - alumpen
It softens and cools the skin after shaving, reduces irritation and helps stop minor bleeding by closing the pores. Alumpen is known for its disinfectant and antiseptic properties, making it a popular choice for men who strive for calm, smooth and well-groomed skin after shaving.

Take your time, enjoy the peace and leave. The hectic pace of the new day in front of the bathroom door. That is shearing culture, as we call it in the Ore Mountains, where the MÜHLE Manufactory has been located for 75 years. Today, the Business family in its third generation stands for sustainable products that are handmade with sincere dedication. With contemporary and timeless design, avant-garde shapes and wet shaving classics, tradition is just as important to us at MÜHLE as constantly looking to the future. Whether it concerns shaving brushes, razor blades, safety razor blades, bowls or the right care product, the best materials combined with consistent sustainable entrepreneurship, that is what MÜHLE stands for.

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