French Biscotos

French Biscotos - Parfum - Loup de Mer - 'Eau de toilette'


He is an adventurer from ancient times, sailing the oceans in threadbare clothes soaked in the smell of sea spray. Sometimes he sets foot on shore for an overnight stop filled with the mixed scent of rum and blonde tobacco. It's not uncommon to find him leaning against the bar, enveloped in the smoke of the cigar he's quietly enjoying.

Top notes: Blonde tobacco - Rum - Sea spray. Intense and warm men's fragrance

A family adventure

"I had been working in the perfume industry with my parents for years when my father came up with the idea of ​​French Biscotos. That name didn't exist at the time. What came to his mind was the idea of ​​off-the-wall fragrances, which have a real olfactory offering originality French Biscotos was born to offer an interpretation of six identities whose uniqueness is strong, and to adopt these identities with humor, going beyond the cliché of the perfect man.

The name of the brand, 'French Biscotos', then became clear because it expressed the two essential components of our project: the choice of aextremely high-quality product, from and made in France, andAncertain self-mockery that rejects male stereotypes. 

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