Pike Brothers

Pike Brothers - Shirt '1952 Rider Shirt Denim Faded'


The 1952 Rider Shirt in a beautiful faded wash. The cut is typical of a 1950s Western work shirt with classic details such as the darts on the shoulder and the curved pocket flaps.

The following details characterize this 1952 Rider Shirt:

- 100% organic cotton, 8oz
- Classic western shirt cut
- Neck closure
- Press studs
- Pre-washed

Pike Brothers clothing is more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accessories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from.

Pike Brothers specializes in the production of authentic 20th century men's clothing. For them, authentic means in the same way and with the same high quality than ten years ago.

When it comes to traditional quality, craftsmanship prevails. They can only produce clothing that meets their high quality standards with carefully selected materials and traditional craftsmanship.

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