Reuzel - Aftershave Wood&Spice

Reuzel Aftershave is a refreshing and defined aftershave for men that leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth, while leaving an unmistakably masculine scent. This aftershave softens the skin after shaving, reducing any irritation and redness. It provides a cooling effect and intensively hydrates the skin. Enjoy the caring properties and wonderful scent of Reuzel Aftershave for a perfect finishing touch after every shave.

Reuzel is a leading hair care and styling brand, inspired by traditional barbershop culture. With a passion for quality and artisanal products, Reuzel offers an extensive range of pomades, shampoos and other hair products. Reuzel products combine tradition with innovation and enable men to transform their hair into a masterpiece every day. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship, Reuzel delivers products that meet the needs of men around the world. Whether it's creating a classic look or experimenting with new styles, Reuzel stands for quality, style and confidence.

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