Lard - Beard Foam

Reuzel Beard Foam: The fastest way to transform your beard from a wild jungle into a soft cushion for cuddles. Lather, massage, and voila, your beard is fresh, soft, and ready for action. Beards, hello to your new BFF - Reuzel Beard Foam!

Reuzel is the brand of Leen and Bertus. The founders of Schorem Barbiers in Rotterdam. With more than fifty years of experience, Leen and Bertus have now formulated a pomade that meets their strict standards. As 'old school barbers' they dug deep into the history of pomade to formulate a pomade that they believe is the world's best pomade. The brand is also highly praised internationally! It is not without reason that the pomade is made from ReuzelDutch Finest Pomadenamed!

Reuzel is a Dutch word and was chosen with a nod to the past when pomade was made from animal fats and scented with apples. The word pomade actually comes from the French word Pomme, meaning "apple". Order on Haarspullen and receive your Reuzel the next day!

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