Sisuman - Soft Flame lighter

Butane Lighter: Unleash vintage cigar style and ignite with underground elegance. Light your favorite cigar, pipe or cigarette in style. This reliable, steampunk-style lighter works flawlessly using butane as fuel, providing consistent and trouble-free ignition every time, without compromising the flavor of your cigar.
The Sisuman Soft Flame Butane Lighter comes in a sturdy matte black box, accompanied by extra flints. Experience the rugged build quality and vintage charm of our Brushed Steel Soft Flame Butane Lighter. Join cigar enthusiasts around the world who appreciate its big and clean smooth flame, making it perfect for any occasion where a lighter is needed.
- Robust, refillable vintage cigar lighter in brushed steel
- Works with butane as fuel
- Supplied in a sturdy matte black gift box with spare flints

Our story started deep in the Finnish forest, where there is a need for good tools to get the job done. Perseverance, courage and strength. It's about taking action against expectations.
The Sisuman brand offers products in the field of cigar accessories.
Sisuman is based in Finland.

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