Segorbina BASTONES

Segorbina de Bastones - Walking stick with plastic handle and chestnut wood stick


Walking stick made of chestnut wood, with ergonomic soft plastic handle. Height about 92cm. Lightweight of only 300gr.

Segorbina Bastones, based in Castellnovo (Spain) has been manufacturing their high quality sticks since 1910, this is the 4th generation and they are specialists in the cultivation of wood (bamboo, chestnut, ash, rattan). They make them one by one by hand, achieving unique products, with exceptional quality and workmanship.

We are a leading family business in the production sector of walking sticks, crutches and derivatives, both nationally and internationally.

We maintain the artisanal elaboration of our products, and although processes have been modernized, each product is unique, there is no other equal and attention to detail has been paid to provide the highest quality.

The raw material is also very important for the product, wood is our most important, and that is why we have our own fields, where we grow, care for and select the best quality for our customers. We work with different types of wood such as Brass, Chestnut, Bamboo, Rush, Beech... among others.

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