Zouterover - Ceramic set

At the start of your day or during a well-deserved break. Nothing is as nice as enjoying a delicious coffee, cappuccino or tea together.

This set consists of 1 cup + 1 plate + 1 spoon. It is soft on the outside and a little rougher on the inside. Colored in brown natural tones and marked with the Zouterover logo. A beautiful piece for your interior that you cannot miss.
This collection was created by Greet Melens. She designed this especially for Zouterover, the experience restaurant in Wortel in Hoogstraten.
Greet (Nick's mother) has her own studio in Kontich.

(Only available as a set)

In 2018 we, Nick and Kevin, educator and teacher, won the Flemish TV programGrillmastersand we made ourspassionour profession. Twofire chiefswho bring honest, pure dishes straight from the fire to the people.

After 1.5 years of running a restaurant on the Nieuwe Zuid in Antwerp, we chose to focus more onconceptualand theexperimental. We proudly opened it in 2021Zouterover Experience Centerin the authentic farm of thevagabond colony in Wortel.

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