Zouterover - Cookbook "Salt on the fire"


Zouterover - Cookbook 'Salt on the fire'

Have you got a taste for it and would you like to try more Zouterover dishes?

Are you tired of frying satays and sausages on your BBQ?
Do you want to know how to cook those vegetables in the coals?
Time to step up!

In collaboration with LANNOO we created a no-nonsense BBQ and OPEN FIRE cookbook.

In 2018 we, Nick and Kevin, educators, won the Flemish TV program Grillmasters and we turned our passion into our profession. Two fire chefs who bring honest, pure dishes straight from the fire to the people.

After 1.5 years of running a restaurant on the Nieuwe Zuid in Antwerp, we chose to focus more on the conceptual and the experimental. We proudly opened the Zouterover Experience Center in 2021 in the authentic farm of the vagabond colony in Wortel.

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