Products with a story

“Made in Taiwan? I don't even know where that is! What happened to authentic products, high-quality materials that people can enjoy for years to come? It seems like everything had to give way to make junk ! None of that. If others don't solve it, I will do it myself.” Frans Looostermans stated this in May.

Our webshop is not an ordinary online store. Here you will find a carefully curated selection of products from European soil with a story. We believe in sustainability, craftsmanship and quality, and this is reflected in our range. The webshop is an ongoing voyage of discovery, for which we are constantly looking for new sustainable products to add.

Browse our collection, discover the passion and dedication we put into every product. At Huis Looostermans it is not just about products, but also about the stories and experiences that we want to share with you.