Character and experience

"Huis Looostermans is not an ordinary store," Gert emphasizes, as he welcomes a customer for a shave in his Haarbazaar Deluxe - friend of Looostermans. "It is a gentleman's store where men discover stylish, characterful products from European soil."

In Huis Looostermans everything revolves around the man: his clothes, his relaxation, his sports, his pleasure, and especially doing his own thing. This unique destination offers an extensive collection of carefully selected products that exude craftsmanship and authenticity.

But Huis Looostermans is more than just a store. It is an ode to times gone by, where the experience is just as important as the products themselves. In this historic building you will also find two friends of Looostermans : barber Gert from Haarbazaar Deluxe and whiskey master Tom from Buds and Barrels. They bring the past to life with their own specialties and passion.

Workshops, tastings and evenings are also organized in the building, which complete the unique atmosphere of Huis Looostermans.