Historic charm

“Aah, finally back to that fantastic Freedom. It still seems exactly the same here!” For example, Frans Looostermans started his story on Looostermans' online channels months ago.

"A building with history, that is what Huis Looostermans exudes," says Gert, pointing to the stately building. Frans Looostermans had the building built here in 1902 by architect Meyers and spent 10 wonderful years there as a watchmaker.

It is the sunny morning of August 18, 2023, the day on which Huis Looostermans officially opened its doors to the public. The run-up to this day was a journey through time, revealing the soul of this historic building.

This "most beautiful building on Vrijheid" is located in the heart of Hoogstraten. The building has stood the test of time and exudes an undeniable charm. “We wanted to preserve the authenticity of the building and pay tribute to it,” adds Hans, while also admiring the beautiful facade.

History lives on within the walls of Huis Looostermans. It is a place where past and present come together, where quality and character go hand in hand.

We proudly open the doors to share this charm with you.