Why Looostermans: an answer to the real needs of the modern man

In Hoogstraten, Belgium, Looostermans distinguishes itself as more than a men's concept store. It's the result of direct feedback and shared frustrations from men across the board - from clothing to lifestyle products. Our origins lie in the familiar atmosphere of the barber's chair, where the idea for Looostermans arose from conversations about the search for authenticity, quality and a personal approach in the fashion and lifestyle market.

From the barber chair: real problems, real solutions

The core of Looostermans is based on listening to our customers - their needs, their wishes, and most importantly, their frustrations. In the barber chair, men shared their experiences and challenges:

  • The Ephemerality of Fashion : Many men are tired of chasing fleeting trends that quickly go out of style. They look for timeless pieces that reflect their personality and lifestyle.
  • Loss of quality : A frequently heard complaint is the decrease in quality. Men are looking for durable products that are worth the investment, rather than clothing or accessories that need to be replaced after a few wears.
  • Lack of connection with craftsmanship: A growing problem is the lack of a tangible connection with the craftsmanship behind products. Customers miss the feeling and experience that comes with items made by artisans who put their heart and soul into their work. .
  • Struggle with value for money: Many men experience frustration with the price of products that does not match the quality. They face high prices for inferior quality items or feel lost in the search for brands with fair pricing.

Looostermans' answer

At Looostermans we focus on these specific pain points:

  • Timeless over trendy : Our collection has been carefully curated with timeless pieces that enhance every man's personal style and are not subject to the whims of the fashion industry.
  • Unquestionable quality : We choose products that embody sustainability and craftsmanship, from clothing to lifestyle items. This means investing in pieces that will last for years, not just a season.
  • Connection to Craftsmanship : We bring customers closer to the artisans behind the products, creating a deeper appreciation and understanding of craftsmanship.
  • Fair price : Fair pricing is central to every product we offer. We guarantee that the quality and value of each item justifies its price, without compromise.

A community based on trust

Looostermans goes further than offering products; we are building a community of like-minded men who value quality, sustainability and authenticity. Our store and online platform are meeting places where men not only come to shop, but also to exchange experiences and learn from each other. On the other hand, this also gives us the opportunity to continuously further tailor the range to their needs.

Beyond sales

At Looostermans we understand that our customers are looking for more than just products; they look for solutions to their daily challenges and a way to express their personal style and values. That's why we strive to not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations, delivering an experience that's as authentic and reliable as the products we sell.

Discover Looostermans and experience for yourself how we meet the real needs of the modern man with a unique mix of quality, authenticity and personal service.