Teneues - Book "Human Playground-Why we play"

A photo book of stunning beauty that shows people playing sports around the world. Belgian photographer Hannelore Vandenbussche has captured athletes, their motivations and their stories in her unique photographs.

Born in Chile and raised in Belgium, Hannelore is a photographer and creative entrepreneur, but above all a storyteller.

In 2009, after graduating with a degree in photography, she started her first assignment: Jimmy Nelson'sBefore They Pass Away project. For nearly three years, she traveled to the remotest places on Earth, assisting Nelson in capturing the planet's last remaining indigenous tribes.

Hannelore captured this epic journey in her bestsellerBefore They Pass Away: The Stories Behind the Photos.She is now working on her biggest venture to date:Human Playground, a photo book, art prints and a Netflix Original documentary series about sports, culture and tradition. Hannelore is the maker and photographer of this unique multimedia production.

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